Be A Change Academy has but one goal - to engage with others to learn, teach, and inspire while appreciating and advocating for differing voices and perspectives to be heard. Join us as we seek to demonstrate the benefits of “Many Individuals. Infinite Possibilities.”

Let's be a change together.

Instructional Coaching

Designing and developing professional learning experiences or providing sustained, differentiated support for individuals in instructional roles. 

Organizational Development

Facilitating and engaging stakeholder groups in collegial conversations about systemic practices: collaborative problem solving and teaching/learning.

Instructional Leadership

Defining, modeling, and supporting the execution of organizational or instructional activities through professional learning or instructional rounds.

Course Development

Using student data to design and develop virtual, blended, or face-to-face professional learning experiences. 

Goal-setting Tool Design

Collaborating with stakeholder groups to align role responsibilities with professional goal-setting activities or evaluation tools.