Supervisors, Administrators, and Coaches Partnering for Student Success

The founder of Be A Change, LLC, Dr. Daryl Michel, and his team of experienced educators bring their experience and insight to you where you are. Education today has been through many changes. In the drive to help educators meet various requirements, sometimes the true focus gets lost in the shuffle.

Join us in revisiting our mission and focus on coaching that is centered on student needs. Supervisors, Administrators, and Coaches Partnering for Student Success is designed for administrators and instructional coaches at any level of education: from EC12 to university and beyond.

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Supervisors, Administrators, and Coaches partnering for Student Success

The objectives for this course are to provide a high-level overview of the Student-Focused Coaching (SFC) model with an emphasis on the Administrator(s)/Supervisor(s) - Coach partnership:

  • Communication and Collaborative Problem Solving;
  • Roles and Responsibilities;
  • Culture and Climate; and
  • Leadership and Sustainability.

To help you with this course, it is encouraged (though not required) that you have a copy of the book. You can order the book either through Brookes Publishing or through Amazon.

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Student-Focused Coaching

Student-Focused Coaching provided me with additional insight regarding the importance of having the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively collaborate and communicate with teachers or other colleagues. I understand that building professional relationships and effectively communicating are important when trying to create a culture of collaboration and trust, and SFC has provided me with tools and strategies that I can apply in both my personal and professional experiences. 

~Mario Gallegos

Student-Focused Coaching provides tools to meet individual teachers where they are while also informing the coach or would-be coach on how to build a culture of collaborative problem solving. I found the chapters full of pragmatic guidance for coaching in a variety of scenarios, and there are a number of communication tools for everyone in the process (coaches, administrators, and teachers) to employ to make sure that messaging is clear and continues to focus time, energy, and attention on supporting student learning and growth. 

~Alicia Ross

Student-Focused Coaching (SFC) has been a springboard on my pathway to leadership. The skills and approaches in the SFC model, such as collaborative problem-solving and the SOLER technique for effective communication, have been instrumental in learning to provide differentiated support to teachers with honesty and empathy. Above all, the opportunity throughout the professional learning series to role-play through authentic experiences with like-minded colleagues was invaluable. 

~Traci Avalos

No sit and get. It’s an authentic dialogue with listening, powerful collaboration, engagement, and insightful systems analysis and problem solving. After six years of coaching, these sessions pulled the threads together so that I saw the complete weave of instructional coaching. 

~Anthony Rosenberger

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